CFN C5/C9 Copolymerized Petroleum Resin

C5/C9 Copolymerized Petroleum Resin is a thermoplastic resin, C5, C9 fraction of petroleum by-product of decomposition with processing pre-treatment, polymerization and distillation. It is not a high polymer, but low polymer with the molecular weight range of 300-3000.


Color:4-6# 8-10#
Softening point:90-130℃

C5/C9 has advantages both of C5 and C9 petroleum resin: low acid value, good miscibility, waterproof, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics of acid resistance, chemical stability in acid-bases, adjustment in viscosity, good thermal stability, weather resistance and light aging resistance because of non-polar groups in its structure.

C5/C9 has good solubility in organic solvents especially in oil solvent, as well as good compatibility with other resins. It also has brittle, increasing viscosity, cohesiveness and plasticity. Generally, it is not used alone, but used as accelerant , regulator and modifier together with other resins.

Application area:

The products are used in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, sealants, adhesives and other civil and rubber and tire field of adhesives used as tackifying resin; for rubber, tire, radial tire especially high requirements of rubber products.


Index Test Method Unit C5/C9Copolymerized Petroleum Resins
Soften Point ASTM E28-58 100 110 120
Color ASTM D-1544 #



Acid Value ASTM D-974 Vol % 0.3Max 0.3Max 0.3Max
Ash Content ETM-E-99 G/cm3 0.1Max 0.1Max 0.1Max
Specific Gravity ASTM D71-72A gL/100g 0.99-1.03 0.99-1.03 0.99-1.03
Application Rubber Synthetic, Adhesive, Paint

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